The lake is bounded on three sides by mountain peaks covered with thick bamboo forests. The area of the lake is 18.56 acres (75,100 m2). It is a closed lake and there is a small spring named Boga chhara, which is 153 metres (502 ft) deep. There is no outlet for draining out water from the lake. The lake is composed of the soft rocks of the Bhuban Formation. The main source of water is the rain in summer.

The water is greenish due to the abundance of algae. The lake's bed is covered with boulders, like any other hill surface in that area. The lake's water was the only source of water for drinking, washing and bathing until 2012. Later, a pipe network was setup to bring stream water for drinking and household activities.

Trip Highlights

Explore Mysterious Boga Lake  

 Stay at tribal village on the bank of the lake

 Hiking to Chingri waterfall

 Journey on 4×4 land cruiser/chander gari

Itinerary Details

Tour started from Dhaka at 10pm . When you reach bandarban Our tour guide received. Next day morning 7:00 am reach at Bandarban
After breakfast started journey to Ruma Bazar by land cruiser / chander ghari.Then journey Ruma Bazar to Boga lake by chander ghari . reached boga lake . Now reach bogalake , you will need to climb a small mountain which may take half an hour. Night will be spent by the side of the lake in wooden tribal house.
After breakfast started Hiking to Chingri Waterfall and Mysterious caves around the Boga lake. Explore around the Boga Lake with local guide. Lunch with exotic local dishes. Night will be spent by the side of the lake in wooden tribal house. BBQ will be provided on Dinner.
After breakfast started Journey to Ruma Bazar by 4×4 Land Cruiser / Chander Gari Lunch will be served at Ruma Bazar at a local restaurant with Bengali dishes. back to Bandarban town by mini bus / Chander Gari. Reached at Bandarban town and roam around the tourists spot in the town. Dinner will be served at a local restaurant with Bengali dishes. After dinner Start journey to Dhaka .