2 Days



Sylhet tour is your perfect holiday destination during the monsoon and rainy season in
Bangladesh. Sylhet is the holy mystical city &  experience waterways. Ratargul Swamp Forest is
the only swamp forest in Bangladesh which is situated in Sylhet. The trees are submerged into
the water. The best time to visit this thrilling place is during the rainy season. Water level rises
higher than any other time and reveals its true beauty around this time of the year. One can roam
around the swamp forest by a boat. The environment is lonely and silent, but the thrilling you can
have is indescribable. Boatman sings a melodious song during the journey and that will
overwhelm your soul. This out of the world trip will make you fall for the place indeed.

Not only Ratargul, but there are also other eye-catching waters surrounded places in Sylhet.
Lalakhal is 44 km away from Sylhet and a wide canal located in Sharee River beside Tamabil.
Lalakhal is the place where you can have a flavor of everything; deep blue sky, hills, natural
forest, river under Jaint hill as well the flavor of the Tea garden. In a word, the water is
transparent green because of mineral flow of water and the river bed. The intense beauty of
Lalakhal has the power of mesmerizing any soul.

Trip Highlights

Enjoy boat ride through the Ratagul Forest.

Experience Boat Ride on Blue Water of Lala Khal

Visit Jaflong, Bank of River Mari & More

Itinerary Details

Tour started from Dhaka at 11 pm & Reached at 7:00 am.Our tour guide received you & check in hotel.
After breakfast Start journey to Lala khal (Gowainghat Upozila) by any type car. It’ll take approximately 2 hours to reach there. Explore the beauty of Lalakhal & boat ride on the Lalakhal. Lunch will be served at Parjaton Corporation restaurant at Jaflong with Plain Rice, Fish / Chicken Curry, Vegetable, Dal. After lunch explore Jaflong and Khasia village near to River Mari. Start journey towards Sylhet city. On the way, the Shrine of Shah Jalal and Shah Poran will be visited. After dinner Overnight stay at Hotel.
After breakfast Start the journey to Bisanakandi . It’ll take approximately 3 hours to reach there. Boat ride at Bisanakandi. After exploring Bisanakandi, we’ll start for Ratargul. Lunch will be served on the way at a local restaurant. Boat at Ratargul Swamp Forest. Return to Sylhet city. After dinner Return to Dhaka.